3. Benefits of a Coaching Model to Practice Learning

Your practice supervisor and practice assessor will facilitate your learning through the use of coaching techniques and evidence suggests that using a coaching model (Williamson et al 2020) can: 

- Encourages partnership working between practice and educational environments 

- Supports inter-professional approaches to care

- Develops your confidence and leadership as you coach each other as well as being coached leading to:

  • Increased self-esteem and
  • Increased ability to deal with and resolve problems

- Offers greater responsibility for your learning and increased satisfaction with your clinicapractice, compared to those students undergoing traditional supervision.

- Increases your satisfaction and staff recruitment and retention

- Increases your preparedness for registrant practice



Williamson, G.R. et al. (2020) Collaborative learning in practice: A systematic review and narrative synthesis of the research evidence in nurse education’, Nurse education in practice, 43, pp. 102706–102706. doi:10.1016/j.nepr.2020.102706.


4 - What is a Coaching Model in Practice Learning