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11. What can you Expect from a Coaching Practice Placement

  • The practice area will be prepared for you starting placement and the use of coaching models.
  • To be allocated a named Practice Assessor.
  • To be inducted to the learning area at the beginning of placement – this could be supported by using the placement induction checklist. Students already orientated to the area may lead this induction.
  • To lead on the care of a caseload of patients as appropriate.
  • To work with peers, to support and learn with and from each other under the careful supervision of the allocated day coach – to plan, prioritise, deliver, evaluate and hand-over care.
  • To be supported by a suitably qualified registered practitioner (Practice Supervisor) daily who will use a coaching approach to facilitate learning. They will use a questioning approach, taking a step back to allow the learners to step forward.
  • To work with the wider clinical team, to communicate, liaise, refer and delegate as appropriate.
  • To be actively encouraged and supported to identify individual’s own learning needs and learners should come to each shift with objectives of what they hope to achieve.
  • The Practice Supervisor will provide feedback in either verbal or written form to the Practice Assessor.
  • Learners can expect to have up to an hour of time to learn on each shift. This is time to build knowledge relevant to the practice area.
  • Learners will be responsible for completing daily learning logs to document progress and support assessment.
  • Support from the Practice Education Facilitator (PEF) team and Academic Assessor (AA) if needed


12 - Evaluation and Research Study