Our South East Regional NHS Board Partners

We have a strong collaborative partnership between the AEI's and NHS Boards in the South East region, supporting you on your programme.  Our key strategic board partners are recognised below.

nhs lothian 
You can find out more about NHS Lothian here.   
NHS Lothian have a dedicated PEF and CHEF team, you'll find out all about them here, including who the team are and some other useful information about their practice learning experiences for students.  
Please find the following useful resource available to download and work through.  ‘Shifting the Balance’ encourages NHS staff to spend a little time to think about their own health and wellbeing, by reading and using the content of this booklet to help you with some strategies to manage the pressures that come with regular shift working.
nhs borders

You can find out more about NHS Borders here.

NHS Borders have also produced a short video that you can access here.



nhs fife

You can find out more about NHS Fife here.



You can find out more about NHS Forth Valley here.